Rules and Regulations

Laureate Shimla is a school that is built on excellence. This is evident in everything that we do, we aim to provide a comfortable, safe & disciplined living space for our wards. Each student has a separate bed, locker, desk, and chair.

The goal of our boarding facility is to ensure the independent and responsible development of our pupils. We are committed to providing a safe, secure, suitable learning and living environment for our wards and aim to encourage students to be self-reliant and to inculcate the habit of studying without prompting.

School rules are intended to ensure the safety and welfare of pupils and the smooth functioning of the school community.


Good etiquettes, a sense of responsibility and tidiness are expected of children at all times. Violent, bullying, threatening or dishonest behavior is not permitted, nor is the possession of fireworks, dangerous weapons, cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs or pornographic material.


Mobile phones, electronic games, mp3 players, tablets etc are strictly prohibited in school. Laptops will only be allowed under strict supervision for educational projects with restricted & supervised internet access.


Children should take pride in their personal appearance and ensure that their clothes are always neat and clean.


Children will be given a reasonable amount of house duties, where they learn responsibility for their surroundings, e.g. making their beds, Tiding their lockers, desks, rooms and sweeping their rooms, taking care of their living environment.


Children may only leave the school premises under express permission of the boarding house parent. They will have an exit permit. Parents will put in writing, if they want to pick up their children.


Various sanctions are meted out to children who break the school rules. The most common punishments are as follows:


The child is required to do supervised academic work or community service for 30 minutes or more during the time when they would otherwise be free e.g. after school. This is normally used for infringements such as minor misbehavior.


The child may be asked to leave the school for a short period. This is not a holiday, and may disrupt the child’s academic work and is used for a very serious breach of school rules such as consistent bullying, fighting, insulting, stealing or unauthorized exits.


In extreme cases such as the possession of illegal drugs or sexual relationships, a child may be asked to leave the school altogether. There is no refund of school fees.


The hostel building is out of bounds during school hours. If for some reason a border is required to go to the boarding house he/she has to have a permission slip from the concerned Teacher/Resident House Mistress/HouseMaster.

Any Letter/Parcel that is being delivered to any student will be checked by hostel staff first and only after that will it be handed over to the student.

Calling your child is allowed during the week between 7pm-8pm. At the weekend, you can call anytime. You will have the phone number of your child’s House Master/Mistress. Children can call their parents at specified times.


This should not be more than INR800 to INR1000 a month. This money will be deposited with the school bursar and disbursed through the housemaster/mistress.


All children will wear lower, t-shirts purchased from the school. The children will have weekend school wear for going out.


Each child is allowed a supervised list of groceries e.g. soap, roll-on, and supplies to keep at school. Every Child will have a lockable Tuck Box which will be kept in a secure room.


A barber will be provided weekly for the boys. However, all boys must come with their name-imprint personal clippers. All girls will have hairdressers come in weekly to braid their hair. The children will pay for this service which can be adjusted from their Imprest money.


The school provides a laundry service for school uniform/house wear/ bed sheets/ pillowcases. All items must be imprint with the children’s names. Children will wash all other items themselves.


Fees are paid in advance at the beginning of the term. There will no refund of fees if any student is withdrawn from the school mid-term.


Activities are on Saturday. Boys and Girls will have some separated activities e.g. swimming and some done together.


An undertaking of commitment and compliance will be signed by both parents and student to be admitted into the Boarding House.

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