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Our Discipline Policy

Laureate Shimla has a very transparent educational strategy that instils ethical conduct and restraint among learners and makes them a stronger person in the community.  This CBSE Boarding School for Girls’ policies are like the reflection sheet and the behavior journal help students and the wardens of their hostel keep and record their behaviour.

Responsive Relationship

relationship based approach for  toddlers and boarders focuses on developmentally appropriate concepts such as building trust, care for self, and positive social interactions. Skills which have a positive overall effect on all learning moving forward.

Silence Time

Laureate Shimla works on the rules of maintaining silence in the environment so that the kids get to study in a calm and composed ambience. There has never been a more robust method than silence, whether it is handling adverse feelings, claiming our minds or reaching a profound point of creativity and concentrate. We indicated that we observed quietly twice a day at college as the first move in this path.


Boarders Life is an essential component of the expertise of Laureate Shimla. It is a School where we think in establishing a pleasant and supportive environment where each pupil has space to create a distinctive commitment to society. Students are regarded for Class accommodation–I. Go on and stay in hostels across different parts of the university, depending on their era and gender. Our housing paretns and the children’s structured atmosphere where they teach to interact, create long-life bonds, and develop into accountable people.


07.03.2019 Thursday Reopens after winter vacation Nur. to XI
08.03.2009 Friday International women day
21.03.2019 Thursday Holi Holiday
22.03.2019 Friday World Water Day (Chart Making, Expert Advise) V to XII
07.04.2019 Saturday World Health Day (Expert Advise and Movie/Documentry Projection) I to XII
15.04.2019 Monday Himachal Day Holiday
19.04.2019 Friday Good Friday Holiday
22.04.2019 Monday World Earth Day (Slogan Writing, Chart Making, Role Play, Article Writing Hindi or English) I to XII
23.04.2019 Tuesday House Division Nur. to XII
03.05.2019 Friday Writing Competition (English) I to V
04.05.2019 Saturday Writing Competition (Hindi) I to V
07.05.2019 Tuesday Parshuram Jayanti Holiday
08.05.2019 Wednesday Fancy Dress /International Red Cross Day Nur. & K.G.
10.05.2019 Friday Mother’s Day (Card Making and Poem recitation) Nur. to XII
13th to 21st Monday to Tuesday Unit Test I I to XII
25.05.2019 Saturday  Parent Teacher Meet I to XII
31.05.2019 Friday  World Anti Tobacco Day(Drawing and Slogan writing) IX to XII
01.06.2019 Picnic I to V
05.06.2019 Wednesday World Environmental Day (Slogan, Rally, Chart Making) I to XII
07.06.2019 Friday Picnic VI to XII
13.06.2019 Thursday ID card and Class  Photograph Nur. to XII
17.06.2019 Monday Kabir Jayanti Holiday
21.06.2019 Friday International Yoga Day Nur. to XII
26.06.2019 Wednesday Anti Drugs Day VI to XII
11th July Thursday World Population Day Nur. to XII
8th to 22nd Monday to Monday Half Yearly Examination Nur. to XII
03.08.2019 Saturday Parent Teacher Meet Nur. to XII
12.08.2019 Monday Bakrid Holiday
13th to 17th Tuesday to Saturday Independence Week (Patriotic song, Skit and documentary) Nur. to XII
23.08.2019 Friday  Grand Parents Day & Role Play of Children Nur. & K.G.
24.08.2019 Saturday Janamashtmi Holiday
26th to 31st Monday to Saturday Sports day (Indoor and Outdoor games) Nur. to XII
05.09.2019 Thursday Teacher’s day Celebration Nur. to XII
08.09.2019 Sunday International Literacy Day Nur. to XII
10.09.2019 Tuesday Muharram Holiday
11th to 16th Wednesday to Monday Hindi Diwas week (Poem Recitation quiz, Sanskrit Shalokas Declamation I to IV
V to X
21.09.2019 Saturday World Peace Day Nur. to XII
23rd to 30th Monday to Monday UNIT – II/ Celebration of International Female Child Day on 23rd September & NSS Day on 24th September I to XII
02.10.2019 Wednesday Gandhi/ Shastri Jyanti Nur. to XII
05.10.2019 Saturday Parent Teacher Meet I to XII
11.10.2019 Friday International Female Child Day Nur. to XII
21st to 29th DIWALI BREAK
31.10.2019 Thursday                       Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Jayanti                                                                                              Nur. to XII
07.11.2019 Thursday Bharat Scouts & Guide Day Nur. to XII
14.11.2019 Thursday Children Day Celebration Nur. to XII
25th to 29th  November Tuesday to Friday Final Exam Nur. & K.G.
07.12.2019 Parent Teacher Meet Nur. & K.G.
30th Nov. to 16th Dec. Final Exam For Senior (Pre Board) I to IX
X to XII
24th Dec. Parent Teacher Meet I to XII
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