Faculty & Staff

Laureate Shimla – Faculty & Staff

Laureate Public School boasts of a full-fledged team of highly qualified and experienced teachers. Their job is not only to impart quality education to students but they also play a role of a GUIDE, MENTOR, CARE TAKER and PARENT to assist students not only on academic ground but in other walks of life too.

Our esteemed faculty is comprised of scholars, who strive to leverage the power of critical thinking, integrity, and the pursuit of knowledge. They look after the overall well-being and growth of each student, not only during the class, but also on the playing grounds, on the stage, in the dorms, and as people. Faculty members are also devoted to growing their own education: they write, they learn, they pursue higher degrees, and they train their peers.

Every adult on campus, from the headmaster to the members of the supportive staff, acts as an advocate for the students.


  1. Dr.(Mrs.) Meera Singh- Member Secretary
  2. Mrs. Kiran Dharmani- Member Teacher
  3. Mrs. Kamlesh Verma- Member Teacher
  4. Mrs. Poonam Thakur- Member Parents
  5. Prof. M.S.Ashawat-Member Parents
  6. Sh. Mohit Gupta- Member Principal (Educationist)
  7. Sh. S.K.Singh – Member Principal (Educationist)
  8. Mrs. Rekha Bali – Member Nominated (Educationist)
  9. Sh. S.P. Sharma- Member Nominated (Educationist)
  10. Prof. Vinay Pandit- Member Nominated (Educationist)



S.No. Name Designation Address Mobile No.
1 Dr. Shiv Raj Singh Chairman Shiv Villa , Kanlog, Shimla-9 94185-72999
2 Dr. Meera Singh Principal/ Member Secretary Laureate Public School, Bharari, Shimla-1 94180-38465
3 Sh. S.P. Sharma Member-Parents Raghukul Niwas, Near Govt. College, Solan. 94181-54229
4 Smt. Mamta Devi Member-Parents Sharma Niwas, Kuftadhar, Shimla-3 98051-31003
5 Mrs. Kiran Dharmani Member-Teacher Laureate Public School, Bharari, Shimla-1 98165-40741
6 Mrs. Kamlesh Verma Member- Teacher Laureate Public School, Bharari, Shimla-1 94598-21542
7 Dr. Vimal Bharti Member-Parents SYLVAN Hall, Longwood, Shimla-1 94180-50936
8 Mr. Arun Sharma Member-Parents Set No-20/6 (Half Part) Nabha House, Shimla-1 94186-04949
9 Dr. Pratima Member-Parents Jwalaji, Teh. Jwalamukhi, Distt. Kangra 98825-54747
10 Mrs. Tanuja Chaudhary Member-Parents Sethi Niwas, Keleston, Shimla-1 92185-01091
11 Dr. Vinay Pandit Member-Parents Hotel Panchsheel, Cart Road, Shimla-1 98172-00007
12 Mr. Prashant Thakur Member-Parents Plot-34, Top Floor, Type –II, A.G. Colony, Near Housing Board, Sanjauli 70189-88160
13 Mrs. Poonam Thakur Member-Parents Vill. Kanena, P.O. Bharari, Shimla-1 98056-57684
14 Mr. Atul Kumar Member-Parents Lauriston, Above Chitkara Park, Kaithu, Shimla-1 98160-31144
15 Mrs. Sushma Sharma Member-Parents Sant Niwas, Chotta Shimla 98160-32020
16 Mrs. Parvati Thakur Member-Parents Khub Singh Verma  Building, House No. 18,Bharari, Shimla-3 94186-16700


Dr. Pratima President Jwalaji, Teh. Jwalamukhi, Distt. Kangra 98825-54747
Mr. Prashant Thakur Vice-President Plot-34, Top Floor, Type –II, A.G. Colony, Near Housing Board, Sanjauli 70189-88160



S.No. Teachers Name Qualification Designation
1 Dr. Meera Singh M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil.Ph.D PRINCIPAL
2 Mrs. Alka Kaul M.Sc.,B.Ed. PGT
3 Mrs Kiran Dharmani M.A.B.Ed. TGT
4 Mrs. Poonam Shyam B.A. PGDCA. M.A PGT
5 Mr. Naresh Kumar M.Sc,M.Ed,NET,CTET, HPTET PGT
6 Mrs. Pooja Sharma M.A.M.Ed, M.Phil, HPTET PGT
7 Ms.Neha Thakur M.Sc.,M.Ed., HPTET, NET, CTET PGT
8 Mr. Kuldeep Singh M.Com, B.Ed PGT
9 Mrs. Sheilja Sharma B.Sc., B.Ed, M.A., HPTET, CTET, PDPET PRT
10 Mr. Nitish Kumar MCA PGT
11 Mrs. Anjali Sharma B.A.B.Ed. TGT
12 Mrs. Anjali Sood B.A. PGDCA., PDPET PRT
13 Mrs. Pinky Chauhan M.A.B.Ed., PDPET TGT
14 Mrs. Satya M.A. B.Ed LT
15 Mrs. Upasana Gupta M.Sc,M.Phil, HPTET TGT
16 Mrs. Ankita Verma M.A., M.Ed, B.Sc, B.Ed TGT
17 Mrs. Baljeet Kaur B.A.B.Ed. PRT
18 Mrs.Kamlesh Verma M.A.B.Ed. NTT
19 Mrs. Achla Sharma B.A.B.Ed., PDPET NTT
20 Mrs. Shimona Chauhan M.A. B.Ed, PDPET PRT
21 Mr. Pramesh Kumar M. P.Ed PET
22 Mr. Sanjeev Singh M.Sc., M.Phil PGT
23 Mr. Manjeet Singh M.Sc.,PGDCA TGT
24 Mr. Kush Thakur B.A., B.Ed PRT
25 Ms. Neha Chauhan B. Tech (Comp.) PRT
26 Mr. Jatinder M.Phil PGT
27 Mr. Sunil Kumar M.A., M. Ed PGT
28 Mrs. Geeta Verma M.P.Ed PGT
29 Ms. Chetna Chauhan B.Tech(Language Lab) Comm. English Teacher
30 Mr. Pawan Kumar Dhiman B.A., D.El.Ed PRT
31 Mrs. Arti Devi B.A., D.El.Ed PRT
32 Mrs. Sharmila Sagar M.A., M.Ed., M.Phill TGT
33 Mrs. Bhawana Thakur B.Sc., B.Ed., Diploma in Computer Application TGT
34 Mr. Pawan Kumar B.Sc., B.Ed TGT



S.No.  Name Qual. Designation.
1 Dr. Uday Ran Singh MBBS, DNB Medicine Doctor
2 Dr. Seema Sharma M.A., M.Ed., M.Phill, Ph. D Counselor
3 Mr. Vishal Singh B.Lib, M.Lib, B.Ed Librarian.
4 Mrs. Poonam Thakur MCA Clerk
5 Mr. Kuldeep B.Com, MBA Accountant
6 Ms. Dropta Below Matriculation Helper
7 Mrs. Neelam Below Matriculation Helper
8 Mr. Mahender Below Matriculation Cook
9 Mr. Gopal Rana Senior Secondary Driver
10 Mr. Ramesh Ch. Maurya M.F.A/Yog Diploma Art/ Craft Teacher
11 Mr. Ankush Sandal M.A., M.Phill Music (Vocal)
12 Mr. Ravi Kumar M.A. Music (Instrumental)
13 Mr. Angrej Below Matriculation Gate Keeper
14 Mrs. Baljeet Below Matriculation Helper
15 Ms. Amrit Below Matriculation Helper
16 Mr. Dharam Singh Senior Secondary Driver
17 Mr. Bhag Chand Matriculation Driver
18 Mrs. Tara Devi Senior Secondary Lab Attendant
19 Mrs. Kamla Below Matriculation Helper
20 Mr. Govin Rai Below Matriculation Helper