The Laureate Public school is one of the best girls boarding schools in North India  based on the theme of ECO-EFFECTIVENESS with ecological architecture that is ever-present and ever-increasing.  The building’s architecture is designed to admire “essence” as opposed to the trend-setting practice of beading built quantities to improve business use, giving the premises an up-mark and vibrant contact. At Laureate School, the most significant focus is provided to tiny components such as paths and courtyards that are intended to be areas of the remainder, learning and advancement, not just areas of passage.

The school has a world-class infrastructure with modern amenities to keep your children in the best environment.

A Secure Environment for Your Child

At Laureate School in Shimla, we strive to provide a safer and secure learning and living environment to our students by employing state-of-the-art surveillance technology. We have put in place special procedures and systems that carry out a detailed background check of every staff member we hire. In addition, our security staff monitors all the arrivals and departures, thereby ensuring the superior levels of security at any given time.

State-of-the-art Classrooms

At Laureate, each classroom has been developed with key emphasis on facilitating a vivacious and safe learning environment. Each classroom has been inspected by a certified optician for suitability of lighting and seating distance from the black/white boards. The color scheme of classrooms is favorable to learning.


To finish the overall academic scale, we provide diverse and separate laboratories for practical sessions in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Language, Music, Computer, Social Science and Psychology in accordance with the curriculum.

Health and Physical Education Resource Center

We have one yogic exercise room and one fitness centre on the college premises to encourage learners  to a sound mind and engaged body. Laureate ensures a safe and healthy stay on campus and has an infirmary that is well equipped to meet students ‘ medical needs. All these amenities make this the best boarding school for boys in Himachal.

Creative Arts

To complete the general educational scale, the curriculum provide various and distinct laboratories for practical courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, Language, Music, Computer, Social Science and Psychology in its Shimla branch. A higher amount of concern in art & useful arts illustrates creative abilities, and this is highly motivated at our school which is one of the most trusted CBSE boarding school for girls in India.


At Laureate, games have always been a critical component. By offering great possibilities in the athletics domain, we concentrate on promoting and nurturing the learners. We think it builds the trust and resilience of students through physical, technical and social stimulation, offering possibilities for teamwork and management.